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What’s the future of vocational education in Australia?

We love this sector, the vocational education people, the changes we can make to people’s lives.

In Australia we pride ourselves on our education and RTOs are a valuable part of the system. In education reputation is everything. The education people receive makes enormous difference on your employment opportunities. This depends so much on the integrity of the RTO providing the training and skills for you to gain ahead.

What is happening in the Australian vocational education system?

This very interesting interview provides some insight into the Australian system.

Listen to hear Nightlife’s guests where Rod and Ruth discuss where it is heading. Rod Camm is the CEO of the Australian Council of Private Education and Training, the peak body for private training providers, and Ruth Schubert is the Associate director at the LH Martin Institute at the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education.

Listen here to the podcast for some interesting insights.

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