PD Workshops – Inhouse

RTO PD workshops

RTO professional development (PD) workshops for your team are a great way to work with your RTO consultant. An RTO has PD and continuous improvement front of mind and it makes sense to have an in-house workshop that is time efficient targetting your specific needs and providing quality information in just a few hours. Workshops can help you solve problems like communication and compliance issues, as well as provide PD and team building for the staff. RTO Mentor has worked across many sectors and managed huge teams, so our workshops can be developed specifically for your team members or to provide helpful and innovative strategies for meeting requirements. When working with RTO Mentor you know that you are getting advice and information you can trust.

Validation workshop

Clients often ask RTO Mentor to conduct an in-house validation workshop to maintain their compliance. Here are some reasons why an RTO should have a validation workshop:

  1. You are getting a third person point of view of what is happening within your RTO – a bit like an auditor looks at your materials, but with RTO Mentor you also get help and advice
  2. Validation of participants evidence provides valuable information on how the assessment evidence meets the training package requirements, and the New Standards.
  3. Assessors working across industry can apply consistent standards and make consistent judgements
  4. You receive advice from years of experience and working with thousands of RTOs that can assist you within your RTO.
  5. Participants can be assured of the quality of the RTO’s assessment practices
  6. The workshop provides changes for your RTO to implement straight away that will benefit the students, and your RTO compliance.
  7. A workshop for your RTO is not just about your assessment, it includes your information to support your RTO and being able to provide a quality training and assessment service.
  8. Your Trainers and Assessors sit up and take note of the workshop and what needs to happen within your RTO because you have brought in “an expert”. “This must be important; I must pay attention here, because they’ve brought an expert into the organisation.”

This is what another RTO wrote

Good Morning Merinda, I hope to find you good. Thank you for knowledgeable training session and workshop at our RTO. Trainers/assessor has provided great feedback in regards to the professional development and current understanding. Best Regards, Muhammad

Note from Merinda

I love training and being able to show someone the path to understanding something new, a benefit to them and their RTO. I love it when I have made a difference. That’s a fantastic feeling, and one that is tangible: the improvement, the difference I can make in the way people do their jobs or see themselves or relate to students. If you are keen to start straight away on meeting the New Standards 2015 for RTOs, then RTO Mentor can assist you with your compliance by undertaking a one day workshop at your RTO with your compliance personnel, and your trainers and assessors. RTO Auditing