Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

Yea Merinda Just cracking a bottle of Champers. Thanks for your help, much appreciated. Regards Pat (ASQA RTO) Came to us when needed help with undertsadning the complexities of the business

Merinda is excellent to work with

Merinda was able to guide us through our ASQA audit where we passed with no non-compliance’s. Merinda is excellent to work with and fit into our tea really well. I would recommend Merinda to other RTO’s. Suzanne (ASQA RTO)

She is the best out there and we could not do without her.

“I have a secret, an RTO secret; it is F4 Solutions and specifically Merinda Smith. She is the best out there and we could not do without her. Thank you for everything you do assist us with our compliance and enabling us to get through another audit “ Lee-Anne WA RTO (TAC)

Very approachable and found her consultations were very usefu

I was looking for an RTO consultant and found F4 Solutions. Merinda was very approachable and found her consultations were very useful and I gained a lot of knowledge from her. I passed audit following her visits. Thanks Belinda (ASQA RTO)

Clear understanding of what is required

Great workshop – Mike Thank you for the information and providing clear understanding of what is required. Now to implement – Russell I never knew there was so much to do – Carol It was an opportunity for me to improve my knowledge and learn why we do things. Fantastic workshop, definitely will be recommending – Lily Thank you Merinda for a very informative workshop – Jenni Great information and presented in a freindly, easy to understand manner – Des Thanks – Prue

Thank you F4 for a job well done!

Our mission was to go through a TAC five yearly audit and to have no non-conformances and no opportunities for imrpovement cited during or after the audit. With the help of F4 Solutions this result was achieved. F4 Solutions provided excellent advice and assistance in this audit preparation period. Our organisation will have no hesitation in using the services of F4 Solutions in the future. Thank you F4 for a job well done! James - TAC RTO

A very supportive approach.

The experience was positive and worked with all of our strengths. We got a good understanding of where we were at and identified some areas of improvement for us to work on. The information didn’t go over our heads. a very supportive approach. ASQA RTO – Alice (Validation Workshop)

Always there for me

Merinda has been there every step of the way to guide me through becoming an RTO. She was always on the other end of the phone or emails. Great experience. Kim (ASQA RTO)

Your conversations increased engagement

Merinda provided a 2 day validation workshop for our team; mentoring and coaching us through the process of validation, TAS and assessments. It was very powerful and the conversations increased engagement of the trainers and assessors, which in turn increased our productivity. Each of us were supported by our manager and Merinda’s guidance and coaching allowing us more ownership of the assessment process. Whilst there are small changes to take place, we now know we have a quality product and students will be able to perform work tasks well. Ken (ASQA RTO) June 2017 Validation session in our RTO (NSW)

Made it so much easier for me as I now know what is required

I had just recently been introduced to the world of training and assessing when I was tasked to set up our RTO. I only understood the very basics of assessing students and knew nothing about RTO systems and management. Merinda took me through the whole process giving me an abundance of knowledge regarding quality, compliance, requirements, AVETMISS data, policies and procedures, training packages, units of competency, validation and much more. She has made it so much easier for me as I now know what is required for quality training and assessment and also how to keep an RTO compliant which I will have no issues doing now. I have learned so much in the last few months, things I would never have learned if I didn’t have someone like Merinda guiding me through it. Understanding and implementing RTO systems and compliance requirements is a huge job on its own but now I have the confidence of not only understanding what I’m doing but I know I am doing it right. Dean Richter; Wormall Civil

Merinda is supportive and encouraging

"Merinda is supportive and encouraging, displaying a positive, ‘can do’ attitude. She draws upon considerable experience working for and consulting to RTOs, and willingly shares her experience with her clients whilst always maintaining appropriate confidentiality. I recommend Merinda to others seeking quality information." Following the annual internal audits, this RTO passed their Re-registration audit straight away. Jeremy (ASQA RTO) National RTO - ASQA

We love the way you coach us to compliance

Our RTO is about short courses and we are extremely passionate about our RTO. However sometimes our Trainers and Assessors become fixated on "how it used to be" rather than looking ahead to "how it can be". I was frustrated with banging my head against a brick wall and called Merinda from RTO Mentor. She was able to quickly see the issues and then find a way to facilitate what was needed to the trainers and assessors. Since working with Merinda our RTO has passed 3 audits. We value her mentoring skills and yet allows us run the business. Chris

Love your ability to work remotely

Thank you very much for your assistance in developing course material, getting us through the audit and putting some valuable systems in place; you have done a supreme job and I am very grateful for your work. Love your ability to work remotely, yet get the job done. Ron - AQTF RTO

You have a way of getting the message across

Thank you for your time with us in Sydney. We both enjoyed your coaching model and how you managed to explain the RTO Standards that made total sense for us. We are both very excited to implement your suggestions. Ansam and Saad NSW RTO

Merinda worked to get the material so it was usuable and the it made sense

We did it! - got through the rushed NC auditSally (QLD RTO) came to us with an urgent need to pass her second attempt at getting her RTO compliant. She had been using another consultant, and nothing made sense. The information provided wasn't making sense to the training staff, nor the auditor. RTO Mentor came in to the office and worked to get the material so it was usuable and the it made sense to the auditor. Mentoring of the staff took place so everything made sense. They passed the final submission following our support.

Well-informed and educated

Our experience working with F4 solutions was positive, Merinda was well-informed and educated in the VET industry, any updates and developments. Merinda was very thorough when reviewing our policies and procedures, and the material we offered. She offered great advice and pointed us in the right direction towards maintaining compliance. We passed our audit following her visits. Jennifer – AQTF Compliance

It’s a pleasure dealing with F4 Solutions

Setting up a fully-compliant best-practice RTO is not an easy undertaking – and as a remote, Indigenous-focused RTO we were expecting our first audit to be a complicated process. Luckily we were refereed to Merinda Smith and F4 solutions, and thanks to her efforts our first year audit was entirely without any queries. We even received compliments from the Auditor about our process that are a fantastic endorsement to Merinda’s work, especially as we had added new certificates to our scope just weeks before the audit. We highly recommend Merinda Smith and F4 Solutions as the way forward for small RTOs – for her solution-focussed positive approach and the wide range of compliance and process skills she has to offer. Overall, it’s a pleasure dealing with F4 Solutions and we appreciate how much time and effort we have saved by getting things right the first time. John Vos, Remote Regional RTO

WA based RTO - Highrisk work

When I met Merinda my RTO was in strife as my RTO Officer had decided to walk away from the industry as it was too difficult to work with the training regulator and Worksafe together. Merinda Smith came to my aid and not only assisted us in passing audit 30 days later, but to completely re-build my RTO from scratch. At my last audit Merinda’s attention to detail, enthusiasm, and due diligence once again shown through. We not only were well prepared and complete we also had an enjoyable audit with both sides happy which is not what I am use to when audit time has come in the past. Merinda thank you you’re a genius.

It is important to us that we share the RTO mentor testimonials. That way you get to see the work we do, and what others think.

Setting up a new Business – Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your guidance and knowledge of RTO compliance. You made the process so easy for us, and I can say you are an excellent mentor and coach. We passed and hope we continue to do business together. Keep in touch.
Vinnie – RTO WA 

They really liked your style, knoweldge & knowhow

Hey Merinda – I have been meaning to get back to you earlier to tell you there was great feedback from the workshop that you ran for us at our RTO – the guys really liked your style and the way you could apply your knowledge to their technical knowhow. For me I really needed that direction and having been on one of your courses and now had you facilitate got the trainers in that workshop – I would have to say you are a pro at tailoring your approach the for your audience. I have had to do that a lot in my roles over the years and I always thought I was pretty good at shifting to suit the audience but I must say – even I could learn from you with the way you seamlessly talked the talked and then talked their talk if that makes sense.

I can’t thank you enough and Sam, our CEO has received the same feedback as well.

Validation PD session – Liz – ASQA RTO

Provided helpful ways 

Merinda was very helpful with our internal audit in preparing for our ASQA re-registration. Merinda was very direct with her reporting and provided helpful answers to the questions raised. (Following the visit, and the subsequent Internal Audit report showing areas of gaps, the RTO was audited by ASQA and found to be compliant)

Internal Audit ASQA RTO – Jacqui

New National business 

I would like to also advise that we passed audit with no non-compliances following Merinda’s visits. Thanks for your help through this process. Merinda build good rapport with me through professionalism and solid content knowledge. I felt comfortable to talk with her. She provided sound advice which was clearly explained.


John (ASQA RTO) contacted us following non-compliances using his “other consultant”

Whooooo Hoooo
Made it
New game to play

Robert – RTO adding to scope new qualifications and CRICOS 

Merinda Smith is an excellent source of up-to-date and relevant education and training information. The resources and updates provided by F4 solutions are extremely valuable to any RTO.

Fran (ASQA RTO) – Accredited Course development

Many thanks to you for your professional guidance through the process. Working one’s way through the ASQA terminology to interpret what they were after was a minefield. Without your guidance it would not have been possible, let alone meeting the timeframe they imposed.

It has been a pleasure to work with you.

RTO Systems – new RTO (Victoria)

The policy and procedure package and associated forms provided by RTO Mentor allowed us to reach compliance between standards 3-8 inclusive. We appreciate the resources provided and the high standard.

Kind Regards Katarina

Jane – ASQA RTO (Queensland) compliance consulting  

Merinda’s professionalism, knowledge and support documents have been exceptional

Mark – TAC compliance consulting

Merinda’s consultation takes place every second month. We currently use a Unit by Unit focus and as a small training organisation this is of huge importance to us. The RTO systems templates are easy to follow. All post consultation suggestions or recommendations are immediately followed up at our next meeting. Merinda is always prepared and even with the continual changes to the VET sector and RTO requirements. She is always aware of matters that specifically affect our core business and areas of expertise. The RTO Mentor newsletter benefits us as it contains excellent reminders and relevant references and links that we use regularly. Although our business relationship is still quite young I can see it lasting for many years to come.

Thank you for your tools & templates  

Just a quick email to let you know that our audit for registration was conducted earlier this week and we have passed it and are waiting for our number to be issued once checks and balances have been completed back in the ASQA Brisbane office.

I would like to say thank you for all the wonderful templates tools that you provided to us and these were key to major parts of gaining registration.

I would like to thank you for the services you provide even though we only used your tools and not your time I’m sure that others who have spent less time in RTO land than ourselves will appreciate all facets of your service.

Thanks again

Michael – RTO Systems (Qld RTO) – Initial registration 

Compliment you on the approach that you took with us

Thank you for getting us “up to speed” for our audit. We would like to compliment you on the approach that you took with us. You steered us in the right direction, and put a final perspective on our audit preparations. There were numerous occasions throughout the audit that your assistance and knowledge that you provided came to fore. These could have been areas the auditor may have had issues with. Yet you helped and we passed.

We found your meetings/workshops that we had very helpful in tweaking areas that were in need of the knowledge and understanding of someone who is very conversant with the AQTF and current audit processes. Your ideas and suggestions really made a lot of sense to us, and were workable for our particular organisation. You were also accepting and understanding of where we were coming from, and could adapt ideas that would be acceptable to us and the auditor. Our audit ran exceptionally smoothly and we are sure your assistance helped play a big part of this. Merinda, you are such an approachable and caring professional.

Sue and Andrew – TAC (WA)

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