RTO Case Studies

Small family run RTO business

We find that RTO case studies are often the easiest way to express what we do.

This client needed an RTO consultant to provide internal audit services. Whilst they were passionate about their training delivery, It was found that they had missed a few areas that were needed to meet compliance. RTO Mentor provided  simple solutions to meet the RTO compliance and worked with many of their specific client needs.

2 years later they had a re-registration audit due. Again RTO Mentor was asked to assist with an internal audit to see if there were any gaps that could be addressed prior to their ASQA audit. RTO Mentor spent a day with them reviewing documents, going through the standards and advising them of changes to implement.

They then went about making changes where needed and applied themselves to fixing areas that had been let slip. This is what I got back from them…. “Hello you amazing woman, just thought I would let you know that we did it, we got through with 100% compliance!!!! Thank you so much for all your incredible assistance you have given us over the years, we really have gained so much from your support and we could not have done it without you. We all look forward to continuing our relationship over the coming years and can’t wait to see what the future brings for us all. All our thanks again, Pete, Mum and Dad”

Other RTO case studies show a variety of services offered:

RTO Consulting Service

Managing an RTO in the outback

Isabella Adams, Vision Network Pty Ltd Motivated professional is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Merinda Smith. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Merinda for over 18 months, during which time we worked alongside one another Managing training for Outback Training RTO. As an RTO training consultant Merinda provides excellent advice and suggestions in staffing and working with client needs. Above all, I was impressed with Merinda’s knowledge and ability within the VET sector. And of course, her fantastic organisation skills. I recommend Merinda to anyone who is looking for an RTO consultant; at setting up an RTO, or to maintain their RTO compliance.

RTO mentor for the team – RTO Case study 

Russell wanted an RTO consultant to assist with mentoring his team and business. Following a recommendation he contacted F4 Solutions. Russell had a re-registration audit pending and was aware some things in the RTO had slipped. “Thanks Merinda, I must say I am motivated to keep our system moving forward….We must always stay ahead of the posse now that we have caught up to where we want to be. Yes, we will work on an annual review each year and when I find any other areas needing your talents I will send an e-mail. Many thanks once again for a splendid job, thanks so much.”

Case study: David has an RTO in the Transport and Logistics industry. He runs a very successful training business, doing non-accredited and accredited training and wanted to ensure his RTO arm of the business was meeting compliance. David called Merinda in as an RTO Consultant to ensure any gaps were addressed and practiced 12 months prior to the due date of the re-registration audit. David and his team worked with her over a period of those months leading up to the audit.

“Our mission was to go through a TAC five yearly audit and to have no non-conformances and no opportunities for improvement cited during or after the audit. With the help of F4 Solutions this result was achieved. F4 Solutions provided excellent advice and assistance in this audit preparation period. Our organisation will have no hesitation in using the services of F4 Solutions in the future. Thank you F4 for a job well done!”

  Case study: Logikal asked F4 Solutions to conduct an Internal Audit 6 months prior to their pending re-registration audit. Merinda worked over a couple of visits with Logikal, providing guidance on areas that needed attention.

“I would like to let you know that we (LogiKal Training International) have successfully passed our  renewal of registration audit and I want to thank you again for your support, assistance and guidance in the build-up and throughout this process – your knowledge and understanding of this sector has proven to be invaluable to us. Once again thank you Merinda – it has been a pleasure.” Leeanne

Case study: Jennifer had been recently asked to become the Administration/compliance person for the RTO. She was new to the role and wasn’t sure what was what within the RTO, so she sourced an RTO consultant to assist her in the journey of understanding. To Jennifer it seemed it wasn’t that hard; the trainers seemed to know what they were doing, the clients were happy, and the students loved the training. But there was a re-registration audit looming and she needed to know that everything was in order. So she contacted Merinda at F4 Solutions. “Our experience working with F4 solutions was positive. Merinda is well-informed and educated in the VET industry, providing us with RTO updates and developments. Merinda was very thorough when reviewing our training, assessments, policies and procedures, and other RTO material we offered. She offered great advice and pointed us in the right direction towards maintaining compliance. We passed our audit following her visits.”

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