Professional Development Workshops

RTO Mentor conducts 1/2 day and 1 day workshops for your RTO staff. 

Workshops are onsite at your premises or we hold regular public courses as well. 


Me as a leader

$99.00 per person

1/2 day workshop
This session reviews who you are as a leader. It will provide you with confidence to develop and understand yourself so you can necome a more effective leader. Based on real life events, Merinda presents ideas in a practical way — perfect for implementing.

Powerful communication

$99.00 per person

1/2 day workshop
Communication is the number one issue raised by our clients. It is key to successful business, yet so often the cause of problems in the workplace. In this session you will gain skills to be able to identify and communicate effectively with different personalities using DiSC Personalty Profiling Tool.

Planning and Mapping Assessment


1/2 day workshop
Planning and Mapping Assessment
A step by step guide on assessment planning, the assessment focus, collecting evidence and understanding the dimensions of competency. Explore the significance of mapping, and what makes a competent performance.

Empowering others. Achieve goals

$99.00 per person

1/2 day workshop
Effective leaders make their vision a reality by sharing it with others and gaining others commitment to achieve it. The workshop discusses ways to make their vision a reality. Relevant for leaders of RTOs and anyone who is responsible for others.

Maintaining positive attitudes

$99.00 per person

1/2 day workshop
When you complain you’re saying negative things about a person, place, or event, without offering a solution to fix the situation. You determine your reality. Learn how to have positive days.

Audit time evidence

$99.00 per person

1/2 day workshop
This workshop explores the types of evidence an RTO could be expected to show to demonstrate compliance and continuous improvement. Discuss some of the common non-compliances identified at audit, including length of training, assessment, trainers and assessors, third party arrangements, quality assurance, marketing and complaints and appeals.

Professional Development Workshops for RTO staff 

RTO Mentor provides Professional Development Workshops for RTO staff. If you are a trainer/ assessor and need to get your PD updated, or if you actually wish to grow, we can help you.

Other workshops

Merinda presents workshops on other topics such as:

  • Training and Assessment strategies
  • Writing assessment tools
  • Building better business systems
  • Equine Assisted learning – Horses model the skill of living in the present moment. They can teach us deep listening, awareness and self-regulation skills that support us at work and in life.

Should you require a workshop conducted in-house for your RTO personnel then call or email us today to arrange.

Who Should Attend?

  • CEOs, Business Leaders and Managers
  • Trainers and Assessors
  • Individuals

Should you require a workshop conducted in-house for your RTO personnel then call or email us today to arrange.

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What others are saying following the workshops

“Very Clear and delivered very well” Shelley ASQA RTO Qld

“Loved the faciliation of interaction between everyone making sure everyone was involved” Elaina ASQA RTO Qld

“You know, you have shown me so much today. Thank you for an enlightening day that I can now apply to my role” Gary Trainer /Assessor

“Thank you, well presented, and very enlightening” Pat ASQA RTO

“Wow, I have so much to do, thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge” Ellie TAC RTO

“I now have so much more knowledge that I can use to improve my quality as a Trainer and Assessor, and assist others within the RTO” Linda TAC RTO

“We believe we have a compliant RTO, however we have taken away some excellent tips to implement into the RTO. Thank for an enlightening day” Rob ASQA RTO

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