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Online course to meet the RTO Standards 

Australia’s leading online training to become a Registered Training Organisation.

…experience the value of a step by step course on how to master the compliance requirements

RTO success

Successful business strategies!

Successful training!

You’ve been imagining having your Own RTO… enabling Training and Assessment to a plethora of students…earning Government Funding and delivering Quality Training that provides Nationally Recognised outcomes.

Do you feel like you the RTO STANDARDS (the quality standards for your new business) tells you “what outcomes they want”, but not how to set up your own RTO?

Are you lost for someone to ask on “how” to start the process of building your business?

You are not alone, as I have heard from many people who feel just like you; they know they want to become an RTO as they are passionate about delivering quality training, but they are unsure how to go about the processes.

Some people decide to do it themselves and use their friends and family to help with the compliance needs. Others try using another RTO as an example. You know what they have in common? Most of them get it wrong.

Even when the first application is rejected, or audit come back as non-complaint, for some people it is still very tempting to keep trying to use whatever FREE resources they can.

Now, you feel you are an intelligent person and you should be able to get it right and not make the mistakes of others. You have worked in other RTO’s and seen their systems, so why can’t you set up your own?

Some of you will succeed and I congratulate you.

Others however keep trying and trying…

I spoke to someone the other day and was asked if it was usual to have 8 attempts at getting your application across. Let me tell you if I was starting a business I certainly wouldn’t like to be under the auditor’s scrutiny 8 times! I would want to have everything in place, the right way, the first time. I don’t know about you, but I consider an audit as being a bit like going to the dentist; something you have to do but it certainly isn’t the most pleasant past time.

So I have developed a solution for you that can make the process easier.

“Discover How To Set Up Your Own Registered Training Organisation…”

Through RTO Success Boost Your Earning Power and Make all the
Money You WANT, through providing training…

RTO Tools at RTO Mentor

RTO Success is a

cost effective,

step by step


RTO set up online training course that removes the compliance headaches and allows you to start your own RTO today. A complete seven part, step by step guide on how to achieve the RTO STANDARDS outcomes.

The training course goes through absolutely everything you need to know, plus additional information provided to ensure you create a quality business. Everything that is needed to do, act upon, prepare and consider so you can become an RTO. By the end you will have a complete business demonstrating your commitment to the RTO STANDARDS and delivering your quality product.

RTO Success is a training course that comes to you online every week complete with workbook (for your notes and actions) PowerPoint, with audio of explanations of everything around the RTO STANDARDS and your RTO application…..everything you need to start straight away.

By following the step by step process you are guaranteed to build a business model and systems that not only meet the RTO STANDARDS, but ensure you discover the secrets of owning your own RTO. The information is easy to follow, 100% content on every angle of meeting your compliance.

For your ease, each section is mapped to the compliance requirements.

By the end of the training, you will not only ready for your RTO application, but also be able to say you did do it yourself. Your knowledge of why you have set up your business the way you have will shine in the audit, and demonstrate a clear understanding of the RTO compliance requirements.

The course is full of examples and explanations. I have tried to use my years of experience in managing various RTO’s and working with people just like you in setting up an RTO (enterprise, public, private – big and small business) in thinking about every possibility.

Not only will you get a extremely valuable training, but I also provide you with tools to assist you in that lesson and your business. That way your business needs can actually be addressed. I know you will be using these tools for years to come.

Consider this…

  • If you want to know how to quickly and easily set up your RTO…
  • If you want to shortcut your journey and get spoon-fed all the information to set up the systems…
  • If the idea of turning your training interests into income…

… then get excited! You’re closer to reaching the above goals than you ever imagined.