Are we really providing what the industry wants?

Compliance in RTOs is getting harder and harder. Especially when we provide what the industry wants. Still today there are RTOs that are able to make short work of something that should take time and effort. I continually read articles by frustrated RTO compliance people... Read More

Risk management within your RTO

Risk is one of the most overlooked areas in small businesses in spite of the fact that it is clear to most small business owners that operating any business involves risk. A good risk management system is not just about having insurance cover, it is a continuous process of analysis and communication.

New Website

When managing a small business we need to surround ourselves with tools that are available to us. Following feedback obtained from users, recently unveiled a new user friendly website with less clutter and clearer content. The revamped site has made finding the right information for businesses... Read More

Meeting AQTF standard 1.4 when setting up your RTO

  Trainer and Assessors competencies are a continual question I am asked when setting up RTO’s or doing compliance assignments with RTOs. The AQTF states: Element 1.4 The applicant has a defined strategy, procedures and measures to ensure training and assessment services are conducted by... Read More

Auditing your RTO

The AQTF and ASQA state that a training organisation will generally be audited when it first applies for registration, again within the first 12 months of initial registration and then at renewal of registration . Audits may also occur at other times such as monitoring... Read More

More FREE LLN Resources

‘Ideas that Work’ have recently released 9 new LLN videos for the What Works training and professional development video library. These new videos contain practical LLN tips  and good practice examples to help build vocational trainers and assessors capacity to support learners with LLN needs.  Go to... Read More

Giving quality performance appraisals in RTOs

Performance appraisals are a review and planning process. An employee and his or her manager meet at regular intervals to review all aspects of the employee’s job including their work performance (behaviour and performance results) and to plan activities and targets, discuss any workplace issues,... Read More

Essential tools to assist in your RTO

Sometimes it is worthwhile reviewing what the experts have written, and how your RTO is expected to look. When you have a specific issue, it’s helpful to have a reference from someone, or a group of people, with special experience and expertise in dealing with problems... Read More

Vocational Education and Training Advisory Board

The reforms happening in the VET sector has seen a recent announcement of the appointment of a five-member Vocational Education and Training Advisory Board that will provide feedback to the Government as it continues reforms to the sector. Whilst the details of the role the... Read More

AQTF Conditions 5 and 6

The National Quality Council has recently released a statement on its decision to recommend to the Ministerial Council for Tertiary Education and Employment to defer implementation of the options for the protection of student fees paid in advance (see The NQC met on 9... Read More

Where to for 2014 and the VET sector?

I read a blog recently regarding someone making the decision to close down their RTO. Yes it was a hard decision to make and yes it had underlying factors for the decision. It also highlighted once again to me the ups and downs of having... Read More

Solid RTO foundations

Success in your RTO is dependent on the effort and work you put into the foundations of the development of your business. The structure of your RTO is only as strong and secure as its foundation. This is not only true in architecture, but it’s... Read More

Service Skills Australia Update

Service Skills Australia (SSA) is the national body responsible for the Retail Training Package which applies to Wholesaling. As Wholesaling comes under the LTC’s banner, we must ensure that stakeholders are kept well informed of workforce development strategies and training initiatives. A review has been... Read More
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