RTO systems are not meant to be hard.

RTO systems are not hard if you have a systematic approach in your RTO and keep it simple. This + This + this =  OUTCOME. Make your RTO system work for you and your staff, as well as meeting compliance. You must be able to... Read More

Information to assist RTOs or employers retain Aboriginal staff

A resource has been developed by the through the Perth Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre with input from a wide range of stakeholders, including employers and employees, service providers and health professionals. It is still valuable across Australia.  Training and Workforce Development Minister Terry Redman launched the... Read More

New Website

When managing a small business we need to surround ourselves with tools that are available to us. Following feedback obtained from users, recently unveiled a new user friendly website with less clutter and clearer content. The revamped site has made finding the right information for businesses... Read More

What is new in the world of AVETMISS

The Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard (AVETMISS) for VET providers is a national data standard. It ensures the consistent and accurate capture and reporting of vocational education and training (VET) information about students. The Standard details the information to be collected... Read More

Changes for RTOs and issuing Testamurs

Changes in the VET Sector.     As always F4 Solutions tries to keep you up-to-date with the changes happening around the VET sectors so you can make changes within your RTO to reflect the new requirements. For those of you registered with ASQA, please check... Read More

Researching VET information

The Internet contains a world of information and often find it overwhelming when undertaking research, others love it. But, if you want to use web content as research material, you must look at the reliability and source of the material before using it for research.... Read More

FREE LLN Resources 

LLN Resources are in abundunce. The following pages have a wealth of information.   Here is an Online library of free Language, Literacy and Numeracy resources from ‘ Ideas that Work’ ACSF mapped tools Validated ACSF assessment tasks to be used by assessors who are experienced... Read More

Auditing your RTO

The AQTF and ASQA state that a training organisation will generally be audited when it first applies for registration, again within the first 12 months of initial registration and then at renewal of registration . Audits may also occur at other times such as monitoring... Read More

Feedback, coaching and learning

Gaining feedback is important for us to grow. Especially if it tells us something that was perhaps a scotoma, or a blind spot. We all have them, these blind spots, the things that others see and we don’t. So when we get negative feedback, what... Read More

Adherence to Policies and Procedures

When trying to get your employees to adhere to policies and procedures, you have hard power and soft power at your disposal. Hard power is negative motivation. This is when you intimidate employees into compliance. You issue warnings, reprimand them, and offer greater (or fewer) tangible rewards. Soft power is when you get them to follow a new process via the art of influence. Here are seven ways to do that.

Essential tools to assist in your RTO

Sometimes it is worthwhile reviewing what the experts have written, and how your RTO is expected to look. When you have a specific issue, it’s helpful to have a reference from someone, or a group of people, with special experience and expertise in dealing with problems... Read More

RTO Continuous Improvement

RTOs are constantly under change, change from the stakeholders, change from industry, change from regulations. Continuous improvement processes within an RTO refer to the continual enhancement of an RTO’s performance so that it can meet these changing needs. This means we have to maintain the... Read More

Thinking of becoming an Enterprise RTO?

Benefits of becoming an enterprise RTO Recently I was asked about the benefits of being an Enterprise RTO. The company concerned was powering ahead with their business and training their staff, but they wanted to improve their operations and become an RTO. They asked my... Read More
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