Are you considering owning an RTO Business?

Over the Christmas period I spent time with my very enterprising sister who now operates a number of very successful retail businesses. She was saying they are looking at buying a coffee franchise for one of the rural centres they live near. Now that is... Read More

Continually improving your RTO systems

For many people who wish to become an RTO often the first question asked is “what is required by the AQTF when it comes to continuous improvement.” I know I recently wrote a blog and did a video on the subject however as we are... Read More

101 tips for your business in 2010

After a difficult 18 months, entrepreneurs are looking forward to 2010 with a renewed sense of optimism and excitement. Consumer and business confidence remains resilient, economic growth continues to creep upwards and expansion plans that were shelved during 2009 are being dusted off again.  To... Read More

Redefining Customer Experience with Mobile

2014 is considered by many analysts as the year of the revolution. Well, not the political kind but at least between the mobile device and desktop. It is the year that access to the internet via mobile devices will exceed the desktop. According to CommScore... Read More

strengthening the AQF

I went to a seminar today on the AQF and the proposed changes following in-depth consultation of the AQF council. It actually sounds like the changes will be beneficial for the VET and higher education sector. In essence it is bringing them together and allowing transparency between the sectors with equalisations issued. It also highlighted the fact that Australia has been leading the way with a qualifications framework and how the international community has been following in our path.

Training and Assessment Strategies

Training and Assessment Strategies The VET system has a huge impact on more than 1.2 million workers. This figure represents more than 13 per cent of the entire Australian workforce. As an RTO it is your RTO Training and Assessment Strategies that play a huge factor... Read More

Industry experience for the VET professional

So often I am asked the question about industry experience for the VET professional. Industry experience has always been part of the AQTF and now it is also part of the ASQA requirements. So what does it really mean? Will Post Graduate studies cut the... Read More

Success stories

It is that time when Auditors from ASQA and State bodies are coming through and completing audits of my clients…and my in box seems to full of people saying how they passed the audits with flying colours. These people vary from ones undertaking a new... Read More

RTO Financial risk assessment

The RTO Financial risk looks at business viability. It is critical to the ongoing sustainability of an RTO and the investment it makes in its services. If RTOs are not viable, then this negatively impacts on the quality of its training and assessment outcomes and on... Read More

Developing effective learning programs

To develop an effective learning and assessment program based on a Training Package, it is first necessary to ‘unpack’ the Training Package. I have been developing learning and assessment strategies with clients recently and wanted to discuss some of the key areas. Unpacking the Training... Read More

Changes to the AAC

From 1 July 2015, the Commonwealth Government’s Australian Apprenticeship Network (AASN) will replace the current Commonwealth funded Australian Apprenticeship Centres (AACs) and will deliver a broader suite of services with a stronger focus on apprentice recruitment and job-matching. The Australian Government is investing up to $200... Read More
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