How do you know if your RTO is compliant?

A RTO internal audit is essential for any quality management system, and RTOs especially need to see they are every bit as important as external audits. One of the many reasons that internal audits are important is that they can assist in identifying potential problem... Read More

Standards where non-compliances have occured

Whilst this video relates the SNRs and not the new standards, the information provided in this video is still useful information. Carly Simpson and Sue Hepperlin from ASQA discuss areas of non-compliance. Organisations applying for initial registration are often found to be non-compliant with Sue... Read More

Using published information to develop your RTO

Recently the Innovation & Business Skills council released an environmental scan for their industry; Escan. Even though the industry is focused around Business, finance, IT, cultural, printing and training, the results provide valuable information for everyone thinking of setting up their own RTO. The Escan... Read More

What is an RTO Internal Audit?  

An internal audit is simply another form of feedback following an inspection of your RTO and review of completed files, information and forms. Internal auditing needs to be an independent, objective assurance activity designed to add value and improve an RTO’s operations. An internal audit simply... Read More

Feedback requested on the new site

Hi All Some of you have already sent me feedback, so I know many of you have thoughts…please email travis your ideas.   ***Feedback requested on  by Friday 2 September *** (TGA) is the new National Register for Training information in Australia, which... Read More

How can you meet learner needs?

Meeting your learner’s and industries needs doesn’t stop at the initial audit. It is a continuous process, and you need to consider how you will monitor your service and maintain a quality RTO that meets the needs of your community. The intent of this standard... Read More

Essential tools to assist in your RTO

Sometimes it is worthwhile reviewing what the experts have written, and how your RTO is expected to look. When you have a specific issue, it’s helpful to have a reference from someone, or a group of people, with special experience and expertise in dealing with problems... Read More

NCVER statistics released for trainees and apprentices

Today we have a wesbite link to information the I believe is worth looking into when doing your initial research. The NCVER annual publication provides a summary of training activity in apprenticeships and traineeships in Australia, including information on states, occupations, training rates, individual completion rates, and... Read More

Are we really providing what the industry wants?

Compliance in RTOs is getting harder and harder. Especially when we provide what the industry wants. Still today there are RTOs that are able to make short work of something that should take time and effort. I continually read articles by frustrated RTO compliance people... Read More
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