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Is Your RTO outdated?

Is your RTO outdated? A logical question, yet very real.

Isn’t it funny that almost everything in our lives, sooner or later, needs some kind of UPGRADE?

If it isn’t our Training Packages, it is our qualifications, your business model, technology, RTO status or even us!

Change is an essential part of all business.

The need to change your business model can come from many different sources – both external and internal.


External reasons may be changes in your network, new competitors, regulator changes, new technology, changes in legal environment, societal changes, or pressures to do the business in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable fashion…and if you venture to look around you…

… it’s your car, your computer, landline phone, your mobile phone, your iPad, or perhaps even your home furniture… all of it, at some point or another WILL require an upgrade.

Many RTOs are still using outdated or manual methods to record course enquiries, student communications and all the information prior to a student enrolling into a course or program.

How many RTO’s continue to still use clumsy & outdated software to run their business? The result is double the effort for the administrator and limiting capacity to add real value to the business. This often results in a company losing its ability to operate profitably. At this point they may have to alter their whole business model.


Internal pressure to change your RTO outdated business model or create a new one can be related to innovations, changes in online learning, changes to your service, staffing issues, problems in the performance, or lack of growth.

The only constant is change 

We live our lives in constant upgrade; don’t; you agree?

So this isn’t a rant on the Regulator or any government department or anyone else connected making changes in our VET environment. I believe changes happen for a better, brighter future. To improve the VET landscape and allow us to grow. Let’s face it sometimes it really does NEED to change!

This is about something much bigger, more significant, and perfectly acceptable…

It’s about…

Australia needing a skilled and flexible workforce. A workforce that can adapt to rapid technological changes, and keep abreast of everything that needs to be upgraded. To have workplaces that are responsive and can maintain and improve our economic position in the face of increasing global competition.


For some keeping abreast of the changes is easy, and for others it could be alarming.

When changes come take small steps. Think about the impact of the change to the BIG picture, then drill down into smaller chunks. Set yourself small tasks to be competed each day. That way you can reward yourself for success. Don’t wait till the auditor comes knocking.   Start today.

RTO outdated

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