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RTO Continuous Improvement

With the focus on validation and moderation as a continuous improvement strategy for your RTO,  creating an in-house workshop for your trainers and assessor is an excellent way of providing PD opportunities. SNR 15.4d and AQTF 1.4d cover the need to improve both knowledge in training and assessing and their vocational area, and usually this workshop provides both. It also shows you are supporting your assessors at a grass-roots level.

It’s no longer enough for employees to do just what’s stated on a job description.  In dynamic and ever-changing workplaces, personal initiative is required in order for organisational goals to be met.  Some people will go beyond expectations simply because they’re flexible and committed, but others are the opposite.  So how do you develop such proactive behaviour in those who believe they’re paid to do just what’s expected and nothing more? Work with your trainer who like to “belong”, they are usually ones who love a workshops, team building and group work. offer morning tea, lunch or some other incentive.

So what do you need to do?

Start with a simple validation template and how systematic validation is continuous improvement for students, the RTO and trainers and assessors. Plan what you will validate, and then make sure you advise how it is to be recorded.

The hardest part is probably getting the trainer and assessors in the room, the easy bit is conducting the validation.

Have a great time.

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