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Changes to ASQA RTO Audit processes

ASQA have made some changes to way they will be conducting their RTO Audit.

Notice of intent

During your RTO Audit at present, if an RTO is found non-compliant at a compliance audit ASQA provide an opportunity to recify. In most instances ASQA will give the RTO the opportunity to submit rectification evidence before issuing a notice of intent.

  • From 1 August 2016, if a compliance audit identifies highly concerning non-compliances, your RTO may be issued with a ‘Notice of intent to impose administrative sanction’.
  • You may then have a period of up to 20 working days to respond to the notice. Of course this means submitting any supporting evidence before a decision is made.

This change aligns ASQA’s approach to compliance audits with the existing approach to application audits. RTOs’ rights to natural justice before a final decision to impose a sanction are not affected by this change in approach.

New model

  • A new model that will take a more holistic view and focus on following the ‘journey’ of a student through their engagement with a provider. Through this model, providers will be more accountable for redressing harm caused by non-compliance.

Written direction

  • If ASQA identifies non-compliances that are not considered serious during a compliance or application audit, ASQA may issue the provider with a written direction, requiring it to:
    • address the non-compliances within a specified period, and
    • retain evidence that this has occurred.

For further information

go to the ASQA page.

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