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Enhancing OH&S in the learning environment

I’ve been writing new training material for the new training and assessment qualfication (TAE) and I felt that it is was worthwhile putting on my blog something to do with OH&S.

Basically we need to remember OH&S in all our activities as a trainer and as a learner. By introducing OH&S to the students it ensures they have an increased capacity to participate safely in workplace learning.

To simplify for you, topics and activities could include:

  • understanding of OHS – the legal framework
  • OHS within the workplace – their responsibility and duty of care
  • Using OHS as a focus area or for an assignment (I love this one)
  • how risks are identified, assessed and controlled in the workplace and the role that students may play in identifying hazards
  • the use of hazard and incident report forms – get them to do the classroom
  • costs of injuries in the workplace – always good to pull statistics from one of the government websites
  • importance of consultation in the workplace and OHS Committees
  • meaning of colours and symbols of workplace safety signs and the need to comply with them –make relevant by referring to students’ placements
  • controlling risks in particular industries- as relevant
  • preconditions in some industries e.g. drug and alcohol policies.
  • learning more about OHS as a career opportunity


Merinda smith

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