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Seeking connection from a distance

We are all seeking connection and we need leadership in the crisis. We care to care, have compassion, and not buy into the limiting beliefs of others.

Building relationships is not cancelled.

RTO Mentor
Remote computer based relationships

Even though we are self-isolating, that is OK. We still have other means of connection: telephone, mobile – voice, text and the internet – voice, text, video.

Make it your job to connect with your regular customers, tell them what is going on, and let me know how they can still purchase from you. The importance of social connection as a foundation of health and wellbeing is proven by neuroscience. The experiences of others become ours, and ours theirs. Who we become and the meaning we derive from life is intimately tangled up in social relationships.

There is a tendency to turn inward when something like this happens – so often we have a primal reaction such as flight – running away, fight – becoming aggressive, or fright – where we stand still and gap (just like a deer/rabbit/kangaroo in the headlights). You know what? You are normal.  yet even though we do this, we still are seeking connection . So once you’ve realised that is what you are doing then you can change.

Consider “how might you/your business support customers and community.” Gather your team to brainstorm ideas, and then act. The key is giving, giving, giving with no expectation of return. Your customers will remember this when all of this clears up – and it will clear up!

Neuroscience has proven that a way to lessen depression, better mental health, less sadness, etc. is to help someone else. Having a purpose in life comes from serving a cause bigger than ourselves.

If you are a leader then check in your staff daily. Have group meetings, and one on ones. It doesn’t need to be a full on 1 hour pow wow, it can be a simple 5 minute check-in.

As a leader you need to present the facts as you know them, don’t start a pity party, support them and let them know you are leading them through the situation. Give positives of what is happening, and the actions moving forward. Help them out, as you normally would.
People turn to others for social guidance, so you need to support others.

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Supporting others is not cancelled, we are still seeking connection.

Remember before any conversations you need to get your emotions under control, breathe. (This always my go to – 3 deep breathes).  Caring for yourself is not cancelled.

If giving negative information or feedback bring it up first. State how you are feeling, Be honest and open about the situation or behaviour. Then state the impact it is having.

People control their own emotions, not you. So stay true to your words.

Reach out if you need some support in leading your RTO business forward right now.

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