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Sample of consultation

RTO Consultation varies depending on the client needs. Below are a few examples:
RTO systems

Writing and setting up Policies and procedures to meet your RTO and client needs, developing tools to compliment or specific training and assessment needs.

Writing courseware

Merinda has many years of experience writing training material and developing assessment tools, including RPL that pass audit, and meet the Training package requirements. If you are after something to be developed to meet your specific client needs then call Merinda today.

Validation of Assessments

Validating your assessments, meeting the New Standards, assisting with planning your validations, or conducting Professional development with your training staff on how to validate your assessments, F4 Solutions has experience in providing many solutions to assist RTOs.

Having an expert to guide you or do the work

Sometimes when you have tried everything and have not come up trumps you need to look further than your own expertise. RTO consultant RTO Mentor can help now. When you have limited time, and need it done for you ASAP. RTO consultant RTO Mentor can find a way to support your needs. This is where a consultant with years of experience in working with RTO clients can assist you and save you effort and time.

If there is a new qualification pr course you’d like to offer, RTO Mentor takes the guesswork out of increasing your scope helping you to meet compliance. Developing training and assessment strategies for qualifications, assisting you to gather industry consultation evidence and helping you select the right course materials to suit your needs and the standards. As your RTO consultancy, RTO Mentor coaches you through any audits you may have pending.

RTO Mentor is a skilled expert, and has qualifications in training, assessing and auditing, so you can be assured of quality work. Clients come to RTO Mentor with a myriad of projects from –

  • writing courseware,
  • validation of assessment,
  • conducting internal reviews of your systems and practices,
  • providing professional development for your team,
  • developing assessments,
  • assisting with developing Accredited Courses,
  • acting as an independent validation consultant,
  • to assisting with training curriculum, or
  • assisting with complaints and appeals.

Usually work is conducted via the internet, so whilst Merinda lives in WA she works with clients all over Australia. If you have a project related to training, assessment and your RTO, then call today to find out how we can assist you.

Let RTO Mentor make your RTO compliance life easy so you can focus on what you enjoy – quality education and peace of mind.RTO Setup Consulting Company

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