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RTO Marketing Pack

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RTO Marketing Pack

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Marketing practices are the source of the most common areas of non-compliance during an ASQA audit. The RTO Marketing Pack has been designed to assit RTOs in identifying all contractual requirements and implement correct marketing arrangements.

The pack includes:

  • Marketing policy
  • Marketing procedure
  • Approval for marketing materials
  • Course flyer sample
  • Marketing activity calendar
  • Marketing register

The resources are provided in MS Word and Excel format for ease of RTO branding customisation and use in your business.

Product Description

RTO Marketing is covered in Clause 4.1—Provide accurate and accessible information to prospective and current students

Your marketing and advertisements should be relevant to your product and targetting your specific audience. They also serve a purpose of providing up to date information from the organisation’s details to the courses offered. By providing correct information you are allowing  the audience to have information so that they can make informed decisions on the courses to enrol. RTO Mentor

Marketing includes any advertising on websites, or social media. An ASQA review found that in many cases information was either absent, widely variable in relation to the same qualifications, or inconsistent in terms of the way it was presented.


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