5 tips in Planning your next 30 days for your business

Truthbomb: Planning your next 30 days with everyone there, can get a bit tricky! Especially if you are trying to run a business.

So I got to Googling “things to do at home during self-isolation”. Well there you go – the internet is filled with suggestions! Seems I’m not the only one; that string is one of the most Googled terms right now. There are pages of stuff.  That, and coping with a business at home whilst home schooling!

As the events of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) unfold it is becoming clearer to me that industry was about to shift in a significant way. Let me say, I’ve been trying to convince businesses to go online for years – but now things will happen super-fast.

We know already that coming back to normal won’t be the same normal as we once knew. The impact of this experience will have lasting effect. While our present focus is to do our utmost to contain the virus and save lives, when you quarantine an entire planet’s population there are ramifications. Of course this is only my thoughts, and who knows what will play-out.

That got me thinking, I can offer something to my contacts right now.

It’s more important than ever to get your mindset right, increase your knowledge, and most importantly, set clear goals. These could pay off big dividends for your business (and your life) in the long term.

How are you Planning your next 30 days?

Normally I would ask for a breakdown of the next 90 days, yet at this point in time, I think that is too far ahead. 90 days can overwhelm you, so let’s break it down, and commence with 30 days.

So set a plan for what you wish to accomplish within the business, and for you. In planning your next 30 days consider these 3 areas:

Purpose – know your why for doing what you intend – have a number 1 goal.

Plan – plan your actions, remove the panic. Be clear on what it is to move forward.

Passion – have passion, drive or energy. Be energised to conquer the way forward.

Focus on what’s your #1 goal for the next 30 days. Personally and professionally.

Here are 5 things to help you along the way:

1. Create a Digital Product

Go virtual! The other day I did a free webinar to support businesses in tools to use to get themselves online and to get in front of their customers – you can watch it here

The world shuts down. How does that impact us, people who sell education online? In this new world, the one thing we still have is the Internet. Remote work went mainstream. Zoom calls and Slack chats became everyone’s workplace.

For me, an online course is super cool, and I am sure right now, many others are thinking the same. If you are looking for a platform that is simple to use and share Podia is one I have been using.  Here’s a link to the Podia platform, so you can check it out.


2. Upskill

Take an online course, invest in a mentor. Now is the time to really think about where you are and where you want to be. I was interviewed on a podcast the other day and one of the key areas I was stressing was the benefits of having someone from the outside looking at you and what you’re doing. It can be so powerful to enable you to move forward.  So upskilling and having a mentor are key in my world, and I hope you also you consider the benefits as well.

Here is a link to my online courses – so that you also can benefit from others experience and knowledge. RTO Mentor


3. Spring Clean Your Business

This is the time to take a look at your systems, your processes and your business message to your clients and potential clients. I’ve got a FREE checklist here that you can download, and give your business a work out.

This checklist will help you get your head around what needs to be done. Once you’ve got that sorted, watch the video on “Pivoting Your business, in a time of crisis” to get some cool tools to support you.


4. Connect with others

Reach out to your past clients, your current clients and the ones that actually never became clients, and see how you can help them. In planning your next 30 days you can listen to what they say and include their needs into your plan. It is important that you listen to what they have to say, and maybe you can pivot enough to meet that need. Call them, send them an email. Ask them how they are going, what’s happening for them, and if you can help. That’s it – stop and listen to what they say, and then work out if you can help them with your own skillset and knowledge. RTO Mentor

As always, Merinda is here to support in any way she can so please let us know here what the biggest challenges are that you’re facing, what you need help with and what your concerns are right now. We can’t promise we’ll have all the answers but the more we hear from you, the better we’ll be able to tailor our assistance.


5. Support ANOTHER Small Business

Everyone is finding it tough, especially doing awesome things and pivoting in hard times! So find someone who is in a similar field, and who might like to work with you. This person is not a competitor, yet someone who compliments your business. Sharing is caring, and get you thinking outside the box.

There you have them 5 things to do right now to support your business going forward.

Join me in my Facebook group – Business Growth Group and share what you are doing.

Looking forward hearing your stories about planning your next 30 days, and how you are taking action in your business.

I wish this shift didn’t have to come from something that causes so much suffering, yet I remind myself and also you, that for us trainers and coaches, one of the best ways we can help is to train and coach.

Stay safe,


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