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Panic is contagious; but so is leadership within your RTO business.

With my 30+ years of watching the best leaders handle a crisis, I’ve created a series of practical tips to help you in your business.  Your RTO business is no different to all the others out there. So with that in mind I’ll be sharing practical resources for the week to support your efforts.

RTO Mentor Business Coach
Are you juggling too many tasks?

Here are the five areas that will be covered:

  1. Communicate Daily with your team – the #1 action – maybe even twice per day
  2. Customer/Community Support – give, give, give with no expectation of return
  3. Clean Up and Catch Up – time for spring cleaning to keep people proactive and occupied
  4. Cash, Cash, Cash – engage the entire team to help
  5. Care, Calm and Considerate – Take care of yourself, breathe!!

As an RTO leader you might be feeling like you are carrying the weight of the world in a turbulent and complex environment.  Remember you are not alone. There are many of us out there with similar feelings.

Daily Pressures

The pressure to produce results is never-ending and at times, unforgiving. Sometimes, a leader needs a guiding light to walk alongside them to illuminate the path forward, establish credibility and sustain their results.

In today’s climate, RTO Leaders must quickly adapt and make decisions when needed. The rate of change is happening daily, and continues to speed up. RTO Leaders must lead with transparency, consistency, take action to create stability within the business and continue to deliver quality services despite the level of disruptive change. The adaptive leader will build new skills and be able to provide strategies for your people. Use the collective wisdom of the team and lead collaboratively, seeking innovative solutions to drive change. This new type of RTO leader is the catalyst for business growth, and for leading in disruptive times. You will transform your business, as you grow.

Leaders who embrace the uncertainty, leverage ambiguous environments, are in a prime position to launch new ideas and try on new approaches and behaviours.

We are right here supporting you.

Keep going,

Merinda Smith
RTO and Business Mentor

https://rtomentor.com.au/ and https://merindasmith.com.au/

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