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F4 Solutions helps people, just like you, to achieve the dream of their very own compliant training organisation, one that issues Australian nationally accredited training.  As training professionals we believe in the value provided by client focused training. We also believe in getting the systems right, so you can deliver that fantastic training. We love working with people and working with their individual situations to get a system that fits just right for them. It is the pleasure of having our clients pass audits that gets us out of bed in the morning.

Who am I?

Hello I’m Merinda Smith (RTO Compliance and Training Consultant)… and I believe that everyone, including you,  have a gift to share… a message to get out to the world that can make a difference and create abundance for yourself and your family. My passion is to inspire ethical entrepreneurs to get their message out to the world in a bigger way.  My focus is on teaching proven systems and methods to entrepreneurs for them to have a compliant RTO. I started F4 Solutions in 2009 to assist people just like you. As a business owner, I believe in the power of having business mentors.


You may choose to have a mentor for yourself or for your staff. Through mentoring you can develop your RTO compliance, quicker, easier and with certainty. Your mentors will also be the people you will turn to for advice and assistance when things don’t go according to plan. And you can be certain that things won’t go as planned when dealing with people, though that’s half the fun. Decision-making can be difficult and the wrong call can make the difference between you being able to pay your bills (and your employees) or not.

With RTO Mentor we love helping people grow, whether it is with marketing so that you can find more students, create more training and make more money… or whether we are showing someone how to simplify their training systems so they actually work for your business, and help you to implement them daily so you pass audits.

Merinda’s reputation has taken her from strength to strength, and is now sort after by RTOs and as a speaker, coach and mentor. Merinda is passionate about change and growth in the VET industry.

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