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Find your passion – your True North

Have you ever wanted to find your passion? Over the years I’ve worked with many people seeking excatly that. They wanted to find there purpose, their true north.


Last year, I watched a video by Bill Gates (recorded in 2015) where he said a highly infectious virus would create mayhem in the world. He went on to explain that we invest in missiles, yet as a world we don’t invest in viruses.

Find your passion

In 1918 the Spanish Flue model he used, showed how it spread rapidly across the world, and he talked about the tools and IT we have to prepare. The reality is, no one took notice. So now we see the world rapidly and drastically changing.

Wow! Just as Bill predicted, it is happening now. I also saw the rapid rise of fast pace, and the vibe we were running on, and I also predicted something would come and slow us back down. I never thought it would be a pandemic, of course, just saying it needed something to slow it down.

The changes that we see happening in just a few weeks feel drastic. Adding to that technology is leaping forward, the environment is giving us continued extreme conditions every year. Our leaders, who are cool, calm, collected are not so much at the moment.

This chaotic vibe has been swirling around us for a long time, yet for those who were in it, could see it. Life as we knew it, was secure, or was it?

So now in March 2020, the world has suddenly been thrown off course in the most abrupt way. I would never have dreamt the world would suddenly shut down borders, or lockdown cities. I would never have imagined the world essentially screeching to a halt. I have spoken to people across the globe, and they all say the same thing – shut down, remote schooling, working, and isolation.

Change is happening.

What I see is a rise in communication software, online training, self monitoring and a huge change (for some) in working with teams. There is no need to panic, it is change, and the reality is, we’ve all faced change on a personal scale at some point in our lives. We’ve all experienced loss, uncertainty, tough times and worries about the future. It’s just that this time, we’re all in the same boat. Which is a good thing right?

This is a time to reflect

Time to look at where you are now, and where you want to go in your life. So I have written a FREE resource Called “Find Your Passion”. It give you some exercises to do that stretch your thinking, and at the end give you clarity on what really lights you up, and gets you excited. And this is where your life purpose lies.

It felt right to write when I did, and even more so now.

To know who you are and what your purpose is, only becomes more important in the face of uncertainty. Your purpose is your north star. No matter how things change in life, it’s the one thing that remains the same. this is what keeps you going, and drives your thinking.Find your passion

So to have that certainty and clarity about who you are and what you’re here to do gives you confidence within yourself that you’ll always be heading in the right direction. The path you take may change, but it will always be toward that North Star.

Get your e-book – Find your passion

So, if you are feeling like life is one big question mark right now, on and download the Find Your Passion FREE eBook and get started.

My purpose in life is to help others find theirs and guide them along their journey, and I’m grateful to be able to offer that to you in this way.

For us all to keep it real, and to help your sanity I ask that you think BOG and think SMALL. Why? Start with the SMALL, focusing on all the little joys in life; animals you love, long chats with friends and loved ones, your favourite movie, watching the clouds, getting creative.

Then think BIG; your purpose and your role in life. Your business purpose and connection with others. The joy that we get to experience right now.

Stay safe, and remember that we’re all in this together, and that things will be ok.

Sending you love,


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