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F4 Solutions helps people, just like you, using coaching tools to achieve their dreams. As training and coaching professionals we believe in the value provided by coaching to excellence. We also believe in simple solutions to help you improve you, so you can live the life you desire. We work with many different tools suit the situation; NLP coaching, Timeline therapy, Equine Assisted learning, Mindfulness, hypnosis are just a few. We love working with people and working with their individual situations. It is the pleasure of having our clients move on in their life that gets us out of bed in the morning.

Merinda Smith

Hello I’m Merinda Smith (CEO and Business Coach)… and I believe that everyone, including you, have a gift to share… a message to get out to the world that can make a difference and create abundance for yourself and your family.

Prior to commencing my coaching business I managed state and national teams, started 2 other businesses and studied many modalities to improve my life, and help others with theirs. Along this journey I have won many business development awards, and improved results ten fold. So you see my specialty is in business, focusing on the people. I firmly believe that every company’s success depends on the performance of its people. There is no substitute for human performance.

My passion is to inspire others to get their message out to the world in a bigger way.  My coaching is through proven tools and methods. As a business owner, I believe in the power of having business and training mentors, so I surround myself with them to help me to improve my results. I realised that having a mentor and a coach hugely benefited me and my business. You may choose to have a coach for yourself or for your staff. The more highly performing a person is, the more they get paid, the more they are successful and rewarded.

This is where Merinda Smith can help you. Basically I just love helping someone, whether it is emotional well-being, stimulating individuality, encouraging progress for a specific effort, or just to bring out the best for someone.

If you want to bring out your best, sharpen your existing skills and knowledge, maybe I can help you. To find out, call today. I’d love to see if we can assist with success in life and your business.

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