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Transition from superseded Training Packages

The and SNR and AQTF state that all RTOs undertake to manage the transition from superseded Training Packages to revised Training Packages. It states that “The RTO must manage the transition from superseded Training Packages within 12 months of their publication on the National Register (www.training.gov.au) and also manage the transition from superseded accredited courses so that it delivers only currently endorsed Training Packages or currently accredited courses”.

The 12-month transition period allows RTOs time to take appropriate action to meet the requirements of the revised Training Package.

This would include:

  • ensuring all trainers and assessors are aware of changes in the revised Training Package and how these affect training delivery and assessment
  • modifying relevant training and assessment strategies
  • advising existing students of any changes that may affect them
  •  ensuring that students are not enrolled in qualifications that adversely affect their opportunities for employment and/or future study pathways
  • ensuring employers are aware of how the changes will affect training delivery and assessment
  • updating relevant training materials
  • reviewing the RTO’s management system.

The management of transition to revised Training Packages needs to be embedded in your RTOs’ continuous improvement processes to systematically review and improve policies, procedures, products and services.

One way of registering for updates is to use the button the National register that says “notify me of changes”. It sits on the top right hand side. Sounds good in theory however recently I was alerted to some hitches, when an RTO kept getting blank emails. The problem with this is there are some glitches in the system and when an “official” goes into the unit/ training package it creates a mass email alert.

You could look it as “is the wine glass half full, or is it half empty?”

Coming from a perspective of I would rather know, and am prepared to delete all blank emails, I still would register.

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